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ReDBox 2


ReDBox 2 represents a review and renewal of the ReDBox system. The program is driven by a number of things:

  1. A lot has changed since the program started in late 2010:
    1. New initiatives have started such as ORCID and ISNI
    2. Standards such as RIF-CS have been improved upon
  2. We've also established a broader user base (from 1 to 12) in a brief amount of time:
    1. We've seen where parts of the system have stretched/broken
    2. As different groups have brought the system into their environment we've seen where they've had issues around integration,  and skills.

Big-ticket items

There are a few areas that we know cause annoyance to our users and resolving them

  • Merge ReDBox and Mint into the one system
    • There were reasons (long ago) that saw them stand alone - these reasons don't really exist anymore
    • The underlying platform is the same
  • Deliver a new harvest client
    • This will replace both the harvester system (used in Mint) and alerts system (used in ReDBox)
    • Key goals:
      • Improve error handling on incoming data
      • Improve the range of information sources that can be harvested
      • Improve the configuration of the harvester
  • Completely rewrite the curation sub-system
    • Curation of a large network of relationships just fails. 
    • We want to create a more effective curation sub-system that also provides better levels of feedback
  • Standardise the technology mix used in the application stack so that customizing the application to your needs is simpler.
  • Make administration and upgrading of the system more user friendly
  • Renew the dataset forms
    • The current review forms use an older layout system that's difficult to maintain - it's time to drop that and move to the system created for Data Management Plans
    • The forms themselves are in need of review


The elements described under the ReDBox 2 plan are quite broad and involve a substantial amount of work. We prefer to take bite-sized chunks so will take an approach that allows for

  1. Delivering components that can be used in ReDBox 1 and 2
  2. A safer and more trouble-free upgrade process

The following roadmap has been proposed to meet the afforementioned requirements:

Version 1.8 

  • New curation manger 
  • New harvest client
  • New administration application to allow for configuration via web interface
  • Simplification of the institutional builds concept by removing the requirement of using Maven

Version 1.9 

  • Merge ReDBox and Mint into the one application

Version 1.10 

  • Implement a fully featured API to improve the capabilities of integration with external systems as well as the potential to easily create custom portals.

Version 2 

  • Re-working of back-end system (technology stack to be devised)