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Release Date: 19 October 2012

Item Type Complete?  Note Link
Migrate codebase to GitHubChore  Y  
Use sentence case in the FOR and SEO codes uploaded to Mint Chore  Y    
Fix Licence Field labels to reflect AU status of the CC licences Chore   Y    
Update sample XML ingests for ReDBox to match 1.5 forms Feature  Slipped to next release    
Improve the Date and User fields in the Notes tab to better reflect that these are automated values Chore  Y Have a text-box display for note entry. When user clicks the associated OK button, the text-box turns into a paragraph, updated the modified by/date fields and the OK button becomes an Edit button  
Funding Body form field: if a match is made with Mint on a funding body, an identifier is displayed with a Clear button. This is confusing to some users. Chore  Y Made ID hidden by default  
Request tab disappears after the investigation stage Bug  Y Provide Request tab throughout the workflow if record originated from request form  
The Rights field doesn't respond cleanly to browser resizes Bug     
Rights tab:Licence field - links in help text don't open in a new window Bug Y    
Update URL in the Identifier help text Chore     
Attachment options: display text in drop-down uses incorrect case Chore     
Citation tab: needs usability improvements Feature   Y Publication Date which is a mandatory field that was part of the Date(s) section now has it's own section to better reflect it's importance.
Citation fields that are not mandatory are now hidden by default and shown by clicking on an area.
Implement DOI minting in citation tab  Feature Slipped to next release    
Submit improvements to the Alerts system undertaken as part of the import How-To Feature Slipped  Sample configuration will made available.
Remove the "Blog This" link from the Mint action menuBug  Y  
Update NLA documentationDoco  Y  
Create a sample ReDBox Institutional Build for Fedora 3 storageFeature    
Review Geonames installation documentationDoco Slipped to next release  
Allow the IngestedRelationshipsTransformer to handle wildcards in the JSON configFeature DroppedCSV Harvester now supports multi-valued fields. Sample configuration files will be made available. 
Creator(s) in Citation tab's mandatory field validation was not functioning correctly Bug             Y  
Cross-site scripting issue (XSS) in metadata form where html was being passed to render "Next stage" label    Bug YAdded jquery-wikitext library so that messages can use the sanitised TRAC wiki markup instead.
 SSO plugins were not 100% compatible with ReDBox    Bug     YRemoved various bits of code that was hardcoded to assume standard authentication. 

  • An LDAP plugin is being developed at this time but is not part of a ReDBox release - its use will be possible via an institutional build