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ReDBox 1.6.1 provides a completed implementation of the Researcher Dashboard features. Key elements for this feature include:
  • A researcher dashboard, available via the redbox/dashboard/home path
  • A new workflow and form system to improve the ease of creating and reconfiguring ReDBox forms
    • The forms use language files to allow for simpler editing of the form labels and help text
    • As of 1.6.1 the original "review" forms have not been migrated to the new system
  • Form and workflow for the creation of data management plans as well as:
    • The ability to share view access with other users
    • Creation of versioned PDF versions of the plan (implemented using the new PDF transformer)
    • Ability to create a plan via the alerts system and allocate plan ownership
  • Form and workflow for the self-submission of data collection information
    • Configurable pre-fill of the form based on data management plan information
    • A transition system for allowing completed forms to be passed into the main review workflow
  • Ability to send template-based email notifications based on record state (e.g. the creation of a new data management plan via alerts)
Documentation for configuring the data management planning forms and collection self-submission has been provided in Setup a new workflow

Other work has included:
  • Addition of the "Grant Number" and "Funding Body" options in the reporting tool.