Community Day Ideas Session


Central to the Community Day is the discussion regarding feature requirements. The Ideas Sessions aims to highlight key areas that groups are planning around and encourages those with similar needs to collaborate as much as possible.

The list of items and the institutions listed here are for reference only and do not indicate commitment on behalf of any person/group. 

(AMS = ANDS Metadata Stores activity - links to deliverables where applicable)

Research Management System interfaces

  • Early ReDBox planning had explored the idea of alerts from research management systems
    • These start a record in the ReDBox UI to alert people when a collection may need curation
      • e.g. towards the end of a grant

Research Master

  • Institutions: Flinders, Deakin
  • This functionality seeks to provide data feeds to/from Research Master into Mint and ReDBox

NLA Integration (AMS D4)

  • Institutions: Newcastle (+ all AMS projects)
  • Automated search and match against NLA Identifier - match, retrieve, insert into local record
  • Automated request to create an NLA Identifier -  creation, retrieve, insert into local record
  • ORCID Integration?

Researcher profiles (AMS D8)

  • Institutions: JCU
  • This functionality would require the Mint interface to be enhanced
  • Additional form/workflow functionality may be needed
  • Newcastle: Ease of updating Party descriptive records 

Self-submission interfaces (AMS D6)

  • Institutions: JCU
  • This work would seek to improve the ReDBox input forms so that they encourage researcher self-submission

Authentication plug-ins

  • Institutions: JCU
  • Increase authentication and role membership functionality
  • Possible authentication systems: AAF, LDAP, Active Directory, CAS (Single sign-on)
  • Role management: LDAP, Active Directory

Manage ethics details (AMS D7)

  • Institutions: Newcastle
  • Ensure that ethics-related information is recorded for ongoing tracking

Embargo dates (AMS D7)

  • Institutions: JCU, Flinders, Newcastle
  • Allows collections to be explicitly embargoed before release

Storage and management of technical metadata (AMS D14)

  • Institutions: Flinders
  • Provide functionality for ReDBox to maintain a copy of the technical metadata

Reporting (AMS D11)

  • Institutions: Flinders, Newcastle
  • AMS reporting feature suggestions: 
    • Analytics
    • Network analysis
    • Researcher profiling
    • Coverage
  • Newcastle: Provide statistics on datasets published, institutional author affiliation/profiling, etc, useful info for the institution in regards to location, size, quantity, etc

Integration for Data Storage requests

  • Institutions: Newcastle, UWS
  • Data Storage request (RDS) capture form for Management/storage in ReDBox (Separate View) which could be transitioned to a ReDBox Alert at any point into the future and pushed into system Inbox
  • 'Watched folders' to detect collections and create stub-collections automatically
  • Integration with provisioning of storage (Quotas, mountable shares, web interface) (Currently evaluating software, e.g. Admiral from Oxford)
  •  Specify basic protocols for organising file storage so the projects can make their data automatically discoverable

Metadata import (including RIF-CS)

  • Institutions: Newcastle, JCU, UWS
  • Batch Import/Ingest of RIF-CS ready records into ReDBox
  • Allow import from other systems
    • Including DC applications


  • Institution: Newcastle
  • Add ability to version datastreams on modification

Mobile interface

  • Institutions: JCU
  • ReDBox user-interface enhancements