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2012 06 12 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Amanda Nixon (AN)
  • Simon Pockley (SP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)



Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

  • DD to submit final report to ANDS by June the 18th
    • DD to circulate to AN and VP for input/feedback
    • SP would like overview of ongoing model in report
  • Technical panel 
    • Nomination email has gone out
  • Group discussed role and authority of the user group and technical panel
  • Developer position
    • Interviews have occurred
    • QCIF resolving process for making an offer

Lead Developer report

  • Greg has headed to Canberra

University of Newcastle report

  • Working through NLA testing
    • NLA EAC-CPF feed ready to go, waiting for harvest
    • SP to look into NLA time-frames
  • Working through 1.5 UAT

Flinders University report

  • Having difficulties with hiring a technical person
    • DD indicated that this could be a broad issue
    • AN would prefer to have in-house skills but it may be difficult to get a position + person. May need to outsource.
    • NL indicated that the user group can be the central point for helping ensure timelines etc.
    • VP asked about governance in open source community
      • SP has been discussing this with colleagues
      • DD - Apache model good for technical use
      • Group discussed a few different model (ePrints, DuraCloud etc) but no great examples
    • Group discussed issues with staffing and possible delays in getting technical staff on-board

ANDS report

QCIF report

  • NL has emailed out SLA details to the PRG

Community items