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2012 05 28 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Amanda Nixon (AN)
  • Simon Pockley (SP)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)



Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

  • DD to start preparing the EIF048 Final Report
    • SP has the template and is preparing for DD
  • Support agreements from QCIF
    • NL waiting from response from QCIF CEO

Project Manager report

  • DD & VP attended Intersect round-table on May 25
  • Second technical panel was well attended and people are starting to respond to the governance document
  • QCIF (DD & NL) interviewing for developer role this week
  • Working to tidy up web and server assets to aid sustainability
  • DD suggesting to QCIF that Zendesk to be used for support:

Lead Developer report

  • ReDBox 1.5 released
    • Institutional builds and demo archive released
    • Official post to follow
    • Happy with UAT process - worked well
    • ReDBox 1.5 achieves the AMS mandatory deliverables
  • Working on documentation
  • Last day is Thursday, May 31

University of Newcastle report

  • Prepping for 1.5 release
  • Will start testing with NLA once NLA is ready
    • Organising access to Trove
  • Presented at Intersect round-table
  • Working on business requirements document for AMS

Flinders University report

  • Grant provided input into UAT
  • Advertising for technical role

ANDS report

  • Not attending

QCIF report

  • Developing details regarding consulting options around ReDBox
  • QCIF working on NeCTAR image
    • Not for production, testing only
    • Not an easy process - NeCTAR issues have slowed process down
    • NeCTAR fixing issue around upload
    • GP voiced concern that NeCTAR issues will reflect poorly on ReDBox
  • LDAP plugin under development
    • NL to determine progress, developer to speak to GP

Community items

  • Intersect round table #3
    • Vivo rep attending (Simon Porter)
    • Broad discussion around collaboration
    • UoN & UWS presented a model for collaboration for community consideration
      • Looked at AMS deliverables and ReDBox community day feature list - then prioritised
    • Discussions around high-level topics related AMS
    • Groups at different points in AMS process
    • Need a national conversation
    • NL asked about ReDBox user group
      • Made up of reps from ReDBox committed organisations
      • Discuss feature funding and development paths (in-house, state-based, other)
      • VP: We need to transition to something
        • Needs to start with a communications focus (maybe fortnightly or monthly)
      • VP: Is this a governance model following from EIF048?
        • NL: Need to discuss issues, funding of features etc
        • NL: Post AMS - may be a different process
        • AN: Where does support model mix in?
      • VP: Need terms of reference
        • 1-pager re transition from EIF048
        • VP & AN to draft
        • Start with meeting structure similar to EIF048 meeting
      • GP: Technical panel governance model will interact with the user group
        • VP: Concerned that we don't get a disconnect between development and user requirements
        • DD: Clarified role of tech panel and user group
        • GP: Tech panel can help organise release dates
        • NL: QCIF can work to co-ordinate discussions. Features go through user group with assistance from tech group for implementation
        • DD to send VP & AN an overview of the tech panel
  • eResearch Australasia 2012
    • DD: Interested in a metadata stores day during the workshop time
      • 1/2 day for entire community, 1/2 day for user (product) groups.

Action Items