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2012 05 14 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Amanda Nixon (AN)
  • Simon Pockley (SP)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)



Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

  • DD to start preparing the EIF048 Final Report
    • SP has the template and is preparing for DD
  • SP is developing a list of the various AMS projects' software selection
    • A ReDBox Users page has been established to provide a listing of users
  • DD has been seeking out helpdesk software for the ReDBox support work
  • A call has been sent out for the first meeting around a technical panel
  • Applications for the developer role close at the end of this week.

Lead Developer report

  • 1.5 RC2 released and demo'd
    • As follow-up, DD sent an email regarding citations (
    • Need help text assistance, especially around the map UI
  • DD and GP developing a documentation task list
  • Work is starting on the LDAP plugin - via QCIF

University of Newcastle report

  • ReDBox 1.4 is now in production
    • Upgrade from 1.1
    • Need to feed through additional records to ANDS
  • Worked through RC1 UAT and about to start with RC2 UAT
  • Meeting with UWS team to discuss development
  • Preparing user guide and UAT template
  • Discussion regarding citation field
    • VP asked SP about citing data that isn't available
      • SP to investigate
      • AN drew a parallel to publications that aren't available

Flinders University report

  • Technical PD has been approved
    • AN is excited, position will be advertised soon
  • Participate in RC1 UAT and will join RC2 UAT

ANDS report

  • SP has prepared a draft overview of AMS software selection
    • Will email to ANDS Partners list when ready
  • RC1 UAT feedback related to NLA and RIF-CS are being taken on board
    • NLA: Investigating what happens when NLA IDs take over from Party records
    • GP: Currently developing upgrade script and will email through his planning around this.
      • DD: can we get a round-table together? SP to facilitate with Amir (ANDS).
  • Preparing for reviews of AMS project plans
  • VP: Can those that selected ReDBox be surveyed for their development plans (QCIF, in-house, state e-research team etc)
    • SP will look to get names together
  • NLA TIM training material is being developed
    • SP will also provide a link to the NLA's matching strategy

QCIF report

  • Discussions with Intersect (Joe and Peter) regarding AMS round-table and ReDBox development
    • Feature set outlined during community day needs to be progressed
    • Need to ID a core group of Unis to lead the scoping of each feature
    • Development could be done by QCIF, in-house, Intersect, VeRSI etc
      • Helps build community knowledge around development
    • Intersect to setup another conference call
  • NL working through legal aspects of QCIF support offering (SLA etc).
    • SP: There's a lot of interest in costs etc
  • NL and SP congratulated GP on making sure that the system is easy to install

Community items

Action Items