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2012 04 30 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Amanda Nixon (AN)
  • Simon Pockley (SP) - absent
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)



Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

  • ReDBox v1.5RC2 to be released May 7
    • DOI Functionality has had to be dropped due to ANDS timelines. This can be added at a future date.
  • GP has submitted his resignation
    • Last day June 1
    • Heading down south to the NLA
    • DD would like to thank GP for his great work
    • DD and NL to start determining a replacement
  • Meetings with a number of Universities regarding their Metadata Stores projects
  • Discussions are occurring regarding a number of ReDBox project possibilities
  • EIF048 has about 6 weeks left
    • Need to prepare a final report for ANDS

Lead Developer report

  • GP has been very active on the mailing list, helping the community with technical questions
  • Last week:
    • Geospatial map interfaces completed (RC2)
  • Now:
    • Working on SRU interfaces (for NLA) (RC2)
    • Responding to UAT reports from RC1
  • Post 1.5RC2 release:
    • LDAP plugin
    • Training new developer
    • Possible ANDS DOI integration

University of Newcastle report

  • Installed 1.5RC1 and testing
    • Will write up test results and send through
    • Has sent 1.4 UAT results to GP
  • User group:
    • VP: to email list to check who is UAT'ing and get feedback by Friday
    • VP: demo for RC2 next week 

Flinders University report

  • 1.5RC1 installed and undergoing testing
  • AMS started
  • Staffing AMS project
    • DD to send through position description

ANDS report

  • Absent

QCIF report

  • Looking at post-EIF048 project opportunities
  • Hiring a replacement for Greg
    • Also bringing on a 2nd developer to assist with knowledge transfer and as back-up
  • Arranging a meeting with Intersect and VeRSI re ReDBox
    • Need to plan development work across states
    • Need to work out how to contract feature development that crosses multiple institutions
      • NL: ANDS don't want to be the primary conduit for this work
    • VP: Need to know who's picked ReDBox
      • DD to follow-up with SP
      • NL to contact community day attendees and check ReDBox selection

Community items

  • VP: what is RDA Test access now that sandbox is being shut down?
    • SP: determine process
  • DD: UAT groups should get their NLA access sorted out in the near future.

Action Items