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2012 04 02 Meeting Minutes


  • Simon Pockley (SP) (absent)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Amanda Nixon (AN)


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)


Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

  • VP: Can QCIF announce support details via ANDS Partners/General lists & ReDBox for those that didn't attend
    • NL: To action
  • DD: Extend 1.5 for testing and feedback
    • VP: Will look at a URG around 1.5 and plug-ins.
  • DD: RC 1.5 in April for testing over April/May.
    • Align announcement with URG model

Lead Developer report

  • Much fun was had by all, meeting adjourned. Duration 5 mins
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances many apologies for this meeting came in just prior and there were only two attendees.
  • Meeting has been postponed. The next meeting will be after Easter and the release of v1.5 RC1. Vicki has drafted a document covering URG/UAT and the v1.5 release timelines. It will be circulated to the list soon.

University of Newcastle report

ANDS report

QCIF report

Community items

Action Items