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2011 10 31 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)


  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)


Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

  • Duncan was on leave Oct 24-28
  • Current priority is getting together the eRA workshop items
  • No feedback yet from ANDS regarding project plan

Lead Developer report

  • Work is ongoing with the 1.3 release
    • Scheduled for the end of this week
    • Fedora work is complete
      • Test between Greg's laptop and NovaDev3 has occurred 
    • Working on XML ingest
  • Sandbox server is being built to ready for eRA (eResearch Australasia)
    • Will run version 1.3
  • GP to action
    • Status of

University of Newcastle report

  • Working on ReDBox 1.2 upgrade
    • Been a fair bit of work - didn't expect to have to have to re-ingest data
      • Mint migration wasn't easy.
    • Working on Nova upgrade
    • Will wait for 1.3 for production release to interact with Vital's Fedora 3 storage
    • Hoping to finish by end of week (best-case scenario)
  • Working with Central IT to formalise ReDBox as a Newcastle system
  • Training sessions being held for faculty librarians
  • Working on the eRA workshop

ANDS report

  • NN absent

QCIF report

  • Need to focus on ReDBox support options
  • Norm is working on the UoN SysAdmin funding arrangements
    • Need to establish a QCIF-UoN Consultancy contract
    • NL to email DD/VP an overview

eResearch Australasia

  • Sandbox will run 1.3
    • This will be the focus for the second workshop
  • Vicki will use UoN 1.1 for the first workshop

Community items

Action Items