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2011 10 17 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL) - Absent



Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

Lead Developer report

  • 1.2 has been released
    • Contains new curation process
    • Lots of doco has gone out through the mailing list
  • Work has started on 1.3
    • Starting with Fedora 3 work
    • Fedora community is not very responsive; Maven artefacts aren't published
      • We'll focus on Fedora 3.3.1 Server to meet Vital release
      • Fedora 3.5 client library is the current one - need to test it works with all 3.3 - 3.5 releases
    • VP: UoN Vital upgrade project completes at the end of Oct.

University of Newcastle report

  • Mint 1.2 release upgrade has been causing problems
    • Can't see OAI harvest as yet
    • Data migration is causing headaches
    • GP: asked if Dave is building from SVN rather than using the ZIPs?
      • Not sure
    • GP and Dave (UoN) are working together to resolve issues
      • Some issues around demo data
  • VP asked about how Mint records are edited
    • GP: Easiest way to edit Mint records is to change the ingest file and reharvest
  • Working on eResearch Workshop
  • UoN team reading through doco for 1.2 Curation
    • GP asked if there was a need for more user-focussed doco
      • DD mentioned presentation in technical workshop as a possible intro

ANDS report

  • Response regarding UoN sub-contract work is being investigated by Legal (Monash)
  • Metadata store project model has been approved
    • Looking into methods for roll-out
    • Working through functional and institutional requirements for fulfilment
    • Details to come - wait for eResearch Conference

QCIF report

  • QCIF are developing a support framework for discussion.
    • Internal QCIF discussion at present

Community items

  • VP will be sending an email out to CAIRSS regarding UoN Research Data Management work

Action Items