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2011 09 19 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)


  • Norm Lawler (NL)


Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

  • No issues to report
  • DD working on ANDS project plan and progress report
  • DD and GP spoke with Frans Henskens team (Newcastle) about their project and interoperability with ReDBox
    • All went well. Frans and Vicki will need to discuss configuration and infrastructure.

Lead Developer report

  • Working on 1.2. Should be available for public testing on Monday next week.
    • Overhaul on forms
    • Documentation is available on the developer wiki
    • Sent out post on identities over a curation boundary to news group

University of Newcastle report

  • VP: Met with Kim Nolan on Frans' team at UoN
  • VP: Had contact from Macquarie Uni for a teleconference and demo
  • Having technical issues with data management toolkit
    • Issue fixed
    • Extra resources to be added
  • ReDBox 1.1 testing has gone well
    • GP raised issue of cross-browser concerns, limited by resources
      • Testing on IE 8, Firefox 3, Chrome and Safari on Windows
  • VP asked GP to confirm that Version 1.3 will be ready by the end of October
    • GP confirmed but will advise of any slippage.

ANDS report

  • Metadata stores extension project still being formulated

QCIF report

Community items

  • Alerts from upstream systems
    • Group happy with concept - start planning
  • Identity working paper
    • DD will send out draft for comment (when people have time)
  • ABS Field of Research codes
    • UQ, ReDBox and Griffith staff are working on a solution (using free systems)
  • VP asked about PURLs for activity records (ARC, NHMRC)
    • NN: Will be part of next ANDS system release - communication will come soon.
    • NN: Naming scheme for PURLs hasn't changed
    • DD: 1.2 of Mint will be able to use these PURLs as part of the distribution

Action Items