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2011 07 25 Meeting minutes

posted Aug 7, 2011, 7:04 PM by Unknown user


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)


Project reference group members

Issue: DD was asked about PRG membership from a number of community members. The item pertains to who can be a member of the PRG.

  1. NL: Need to ensure that decision-making encompasses the community but doesn't become unwieldy
  2. VP: It's important to establish a stable core product and ensure that the PRG works to achieve this. Focus must be on coverage of features that meet most needs, leaving local customisation at the institution-level
  3. NL: It would be good to have a non-Vital user
  4. NN: ANDS is interested in a range of functionality as long as it is manageable.
  5. DD: The code-base is open source and those community members with resources can download and extend the code. It'd be good to roll in features where they make sense wrt to the core product

  • PRG will remain as-is for now but this is to be reviewed with the goal of opening up membership further in Nov 2011. The PRG will need to determine membership criteria.
  • The community is encouraged to raise their requirements to the PRG.
  • GP: Action item to look into governance models for open source efforts

Current development work

Issue: Report on current technical efforts

  1. We have transitioned to a new project tracking system: Pivotal Tracker (
  2. Request has been submitted to CQU for a build server and a sandbox server
  3. We are aiming to have monthly releases
  4. Bug fix work discussed
  • DD to produce ReDBox/Mint 1.1 feature list

Mint development

Issue: Duncan provided an overview of the current Mint functionality requirements

  1. VP: Need to develop 2-way data feed from ReDBox to Mint as a priority so that Party records are correctly fed to ANDS
  2. All: Need to develop Mint relationships
    1. Party<->Party: Such as people and group memberships
    2. Party<->Activities
  3. DD: Mint API needs to be based on a standard such as OpenSearch or SRU
  4. Improve the baseline fields collected for Parties and Activities
  5. DD: NLA ARDC PIP interaction a good future direction
  • DD to set out Mint features for ReDBox 1.1

Ingest RIF-CS into ReDBox

  • Flinders and other groups have already described data in RDA and would like to bring the RIF-CS into a ReDBox install to save re-doing data entry.
  • Newcastle has a team working on a Seeding the Commons project and would like to send that to UoN's ReDBox
  1. DD: RIF-CS could be brought into ReDBox via OAI-PMH or file harvesting
  • PRG agreed that this was a useful feature and should be put into the backlog
    • See and

Circulation of minutes

Duncan asked for direction in terms of the circulation of minutes. All agreed that these should be public and made available via the website.

Other business

  • DD: eResearch Australasia 2011 workshop proposals had been submitted.

Next meeting

August 8, 2011