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2011 12 12 Meeting minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)
  • Amanda Nixon (AN)


  • Vicki Picasso (VP)


Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

  • DD: Approached Colin Carati (Flinders) about representation on Project Reference Group
    • Welcome to Colin and Amanda Nixon (primary contact), who will share the role
  • DD still working with QCIF about support options and models for handling funded development requests
  • NN to check on
  • DD spoke with Peter Sefton and will continue the conversation
  • DD - need to check if VP is accessing Pivotal Tracker
    • DD to send AN details of service
  • GP followed up with the NLA (see Lead Developer Report)

Project Manager report

  • DD has prepared an outline regarding the ability of ReDBox to meet the ANDS Metadata Stores (AMS) deliverables
    • A proposed functional roadmap has been created at the base of the document
      • Do these meet expectations?
      • Need to agree on January work-plan
    • Clarity is sought between EIF048-funded work and AMS-funded development.
      • See previous minutes
    • See
      • Action: DD to break up table according to possible funding source
      • Flinders interested in reporting/stats and LDAP functionality. AN commented that there needs to be further scoping around ethics and data management plan functionality.
    • Group agreed that the current priority items are:
      • Provision of RIF-CS 1.3 compliant metadata 
      • Provision of Service metadata 
      • Integration NLA ARDC-PIP 
      • DOI Integration 
      • Improved geospatial functionality
  • Discussions regarding ReDBox-linked projects are occurring but details are not yet able to be made widely available
  • Next meeting will be Jan 9

Lead Developer report

  • ReDBox 1.4 Progress
    • Feedback has been sought (and received) on RIF-CS 1.3
    • Working on RIF-CS ingest
  • NLA discussions
    • Sticking point around manual record curation, awaiting response from NLA
    • NN: ANDS talking with NLA, NN awaiting update

University of Newcastle report

Flinders University report

  • Wrapping up data capture project
  • Planning for ANDS Metadata Stores project

ANDS report

  • ANDS Metadata Stores project submissions have started arriving
    • Software implementations should become clear in Feb, 2012
  • Group discussed a ReDBox community day - maybe late February
    • ANDS will fund a portion of costs (TBD)
    • Discuss further next year

QCIF report

  • Looking at getting a ReDBox domain name
  • Ongoing discussions around support
  • Need to look at software governance framework to make sure that code matures in a stable fashion
  • NL speaking with eRSA, VERSI and Intersect about AMS projects and ReDBox implementation/development. NL will continue providing assistance at this level.

Community items

Action Items