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2011 11 28 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)


  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)


Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

Project Manager report

  • Request from Peter Sefton to update
    • Superseded by ANDS project registry
    • NN to chase up ANDS
  • Hearing that some ANDS-funded institutions may seek to co-operate on feature development
    • DD will speak to Peter Sefton to see how we can work collegiately. 
    • Collaboration between institution can be across software and processes - need to monitor and help where can.
  • DD to check on VP's access to Pivotal Tracker
  • ANDS V7 software
    • ABS Vocab - DD to follow up
  • Question from VP: What is the overlap between EIF048 and the new ANDS Metadata Stores project?
    • NLA integration discussed
      • Questions around processes at the NLA side
    • Description of activities also needs clarifying
      • ANDS's ARC and NHMRC PURLS and sustainability
      • Also FOR/SEO codes
    • DD mentioned DOI minting may be other functionality
    • DD mentioned a need make sure Metadata Store project expectations are reasonable 
      • NN: Need to manage risk and ensure implementers are aware of functionality; Project management plan due in April so there is time for groups to speak to ReDBox team.
      • Discussed scope of EIF048
        • NN: Focus on scope, extra work may require other arrangements
        • DD: All EIF048 features go through board
        • VP: Would like ANDS to take into account overlaps between Metadata Store project requirements
          • DD: Need to get a good understanding of NLA roadmap so that we can determine functionality
          • NN: Need to wait for a week to get a clearer picture
        • DD: RIF-CS 1.3 is likely to be in scope
    • DD to speak QCIF about extra development work options.
  • EIF048 Deliverable 1 (inc project management plan)
    • NN: Project assessors raised concerns around test regime and number of institutions
      • Issue was waived by relevant ANDS staff
      • Plan and deliverable accepted
      • DD has indicated that software releases will slow in 2012, this will aid in testing
  • Project board membership
    • NN: ANDS may know more about potential future ReDBox implementations with the project submissions.
    • VP: Happy for reps coming from institutions with production instance
    • DD to speak to Flinders. (Colin Carati)

Lead Developer report

  • Email sent to NN regarding NLA integration; NN following up
  • Putting together 1.4 scope for review

University of Newcastle report

  • Started looking at 1.3 upgrade
  • Macquarie rep visiting ReDBox
    • VP will demo to Woollongong, Macquarie, Sydney
  • UoN happy to collaborate with others on ReDBox work, including identifiers

ANDS report

  • State-based briefings about Metadata stores have occurred (SA, NSW)
    • Melbourne briefing on Tuesday
    • Brisbane on Thursday (Simon)
    • Drafts due Dec 5-9 - broad outlines
  • Collaborations around software is reasonable
    • Vivo community day - mid Feb, attached to VALA

QCIF report

  • NL absent
  • DD to chase up Newcastle sub-contract
  • Still looking at support
    • VP: People need info for their proposal. DD will take to QCIF.

Community items

Action Items