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2011 11 14 Meeting Minutes


  • Duncan Dickinson (DD)
  • Vicki Picasso (VP)
  • Nick Nicholas (NN)
  • Greg Pendlebury (GP)
  • Norm Lawler (NL)



Review of last meeting's minutes and action items

  • eResearch Australasia (general):
    • Duncan met with a number of people regarding ReDBox and support options
    • Information about those receiving ANDS' metadata store funding became more widely known
    • There is confusion about ReDBox/Vivo/Tardis/etc options - clarity may be needed
  • eResearch Australasia (ReDBox Workshops):
    • Thank you to Vicki, Kai, Peter, Greg and Dave for running a very well-received set of workshops
    • We had a good range of attendees

Project Manager report

  • eResearch 2011 is over but we're expecting a number of enquiries to start coming through post-conference and on the back of ANDS Metadata Store funding
    • The website was updated for a cleaner look and to provide easier access to the documentation.
    • The documentation has been expanded
  • Duncan to work with Norm to produce support options through QCIF

Lead Developer report

  • v1.3 will be released tomorrow (15th November).
  • Outline 1.4 planning and timelines:
    • Focus of v1.4 will be in backend and optimisations.
    • This week and next will be focused on documenting intended scope of works.
    • December will be spend on development for a New Year's release.

University of Newcastle report

  • v1.3 Upgrade work continuing. David's focus this week is on upgrading UoN Handle server(s).
  • Metadata stores funding letter has been received by Office of Research.
    • Internal UoN discussions now taking place regarding this.

ANDS report

  • DD would like a copy of the Metadata Store funding requirements (if possible) => NN has sent this through via email.
  • Metadata stores funding progressing quicky:
    • 22 Institutions received a letter: 10 responses to date, 4 acknowledgements of receipt; the others will be sent a reminder letter soon.
    • Well developed solutions with core deliverables covered are being asked to address desirables.
    • Technical product decisions expected in first few months of project (~ April 2012).
    • ANDS is providing documentation on scope and deliverables, as well as project templates.
    • One deliverable is to encourage implementations to migrate to NLA for Party records.
      • It was discussed that staff changes at NLA make it difficult to pin down who to talk to, and each implementer approaching NLA independently may generate confusion/annoyance for NLA staff.
        • NN proposed to organise some dialog involved both NLA and ANDS via teleconference.
        • GP will email NN some discussion points with any concerns from ReDBox side of things.

QCIF report

  • NL is working with Rob Cook to continue work on support contract offerings, particularly in response to feedback from discussions at eResearch Australasia.
  • NL currently working on the support contract to UoN for DH's time now that ERA is over.

Community items

  • No issues or action items, although some discussion over traffic on mailing list and possible outcomes of ERA.

Action Items

  • DD/GP to ensure that VP has access to create new feature requests in Pivotal Tracker.
  • GP to email NN information on Party integration with NLA.
  • NN to organise dialog with NLA.