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Project complete

Please note that the EIF048 project has been completed and the final report submitted to ANDS. A public version of the final report is available for your reading pleasure.


START DATE: June 2011
END DATE: June 2012

The EIF040 project to develop ReDBox at USQ was funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). The development of Version 1.0 was completed on 13th May 2011, including deployment at University of Newcastle.

This project (EIF048) is for the development of ReDBox Version 1.1, to develop fixes for issues and defects found by the University of Newcastle and address new product functionality and completion of product artefacts to result in a more stable and complete release of the ReDBox product. This would also increase the likelihood of other universities taking up ReDBox to meet their research meta-data management requirements.


EIF048 Outlines the following deliverables:
  • D1: Completion of a Project Plan (using ANDS template), specifying the details of the planned activity, with risks, schedules, etc., and providing an ethics and privacy statement where needed.
  • D5: Enhancements to RedBox functionality (RedBox 1.1) which satisfy the aims and objectives given above; namely:
    • D5.1: Usability enhancements and defect fixes identified through the University of Newcastle deployment, and any subsequent deployments at other universities which occur during the proposed project.
    • D5.2: Functionality resulting from known requirements of other universities interested in taking up ReDBox; including standalone functionality (non-VITAL), genericising VITAL/Fedora integration outside of University of Newcastle; and deploying RedBox under HTTPS.
    • Enhancements to RedBox and Mint, including but not restricted to:
      • D5.3: Mint: application feeds into Mint; defining services; automated data feeds in; relations between entities; improved EAC-CPF feed to NLA.
      • D5.4: RedBox: improved search and indexing; storage plugin.
  • D7: Deposit of the software outlined in D5 in either Google Code or SourceForge:
    • Including a Google code comment and tag / SourceForge summary and tag containing the text “ANDS-funded”.
    • Accompanied by developer manuals to facilitate re-use.
    • Accompanied by deployment manuals to facilitate external deployment
    • Accompanied by user manuals to facilitate use.
  • D9: Progress reports to ANDS using ANDS templates.
  • D10: Final report to ANDS using ANDS templates.
  • D11: A minimum of one deployment of RedBox1.1 to an institution, to the satisfaction of that institution, and satisfying a mutually agreed range of enhancements and customisations. Both the institution and ANDS will sign off on the range of enhancements and customisations for each deployment beforehand.


 Deliverable    StatusNote
Completed  Oct 2011
5  Ongoing June 2012
5.1 Started  
5.2 Started  
5.3 Started  
 Completed See
June 2012
 Progress report 1 submittedOct 2011
Feb 2012
 Not started
 June 2012
 June 2012

Project resources

The work being undertaken by the project can be reviewed on our Pivotal Tracker site

Technical issues for ReDBox/Mint are listed in the developer site at: and for The Fascinator:

As this project allocates work, these issues (in Google Code) will be placed into relevant Pivotal Tracker stories.

Release roadmap

The table below outlines the current release roadmap as discussed by the project reference group.

ReleaseApprox date
Focus areas
 1.0.1 July 2011
Migrate code to new infrastructure
 1.1.0August 2011
Resolve Newcastle issues
 In progress
 1.2.0September 2011
  • Improve Mint handling of relationships
  • Mint/ReDBox curation boundaries
  • Utilise purls for ARC and NHMRC activities
  • Improve default Mint ingest data
  • ReDBox Handle creation plug-in
 1.3.0    October 2011
  • Stand-alone ReDBox/Mint on Fedora 3
  • RIF-CS ingest into ReDBox and Mint
  • HTTPS deployment of Mint/ReDBox
 1.4.0December 2011
  • Institutional builds
  • Publish ReDBox/Mint deployment manual and user guide (eResearch Australasia conference)
  • RIF-CS 1.3 template
 1.5.0March 2012
  • Provision of Service metadata
  • Integration NLA ARDC-PIP
  • Improved geospatial functionality
  • DOI Integration
 1.6.0June 2012
TBDNot approved

Project reference group


As of November, 2011, the following people form the project reference group (PRG):
  • Chair: Duncan Dickinson (Project Manager)
  • Vicki Picasso (University of Newcastle)
  • Amanda Nixon (Flinders University)
  • Simon Pockley (ANDS)
  • Norm Lawler (QCIF)
  • Greg Pendlebury (Lead Developer)


The PRG meets every second week. The following agenda is used:
  1. Review of last meeting's minutes and action items
  2. Project Manager report
  3. Lead Developer report
  4. University of Newcastle report
  5. ANDS report
  6. QCIF report
  7. Community items
If you would like to submit an item for discussion we ask the you use the Discussion Group to post your thoughts for discussion first.

Minutes from previous meetings are available via the Meeting Minutes page

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