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NLA Integration

Interested parties All ANDS Metadata Stores projects
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  •  Uni of Sydney to arrange initial discussions


The existing NLA (National Library of Australia) Party Infrastructure relies on manual steps for identity matching. Many members of the community believe that, without automated workflows, the current system will be difficult to sustain.

This requirement reflects primarily on NLA provisions but any changes will require updates to the ReDBox codebase.

Functional requirements

The University of Newcastle outlined the following requirements:
  • Automated search and match against NLA Identifier - match, retrieve, insert into local record
  • Automated request to create an NLA Identifier -  creation, retrieve, insert into local record
Other requirements:
  • Identification of international parties
  • Mint tracking of changes made to NLA records


See ReDBox group post from Greg re NLA integration into ReDBox v1.5: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/redbox-repo/-nGTI7wUWXM/discussion