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Data storage request integration

Interested parties Newcastle, UWS
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Some institutions are establishing research data storage systems and using web-based processes to allow researchers to apply for space allocation. This feature seeks to integrate ReDBox into the process so as to allow for the easy capture of research data information.

Functional requirements

  • Integration with provisioning of storage (Quotas, mountable shares, web interface)
  • Data Storage request (RDS) capture form for Management/storage in ReDBox (Separate View) which could be transitioned to a ReDBox Alert at any point into the future and pushed into system Inbox
    • Create a 1-stop shop for researchers
  • 'Watched folders' to detect collections and create stub-collections automatically
    • Can use the Watcher service or filesystem harvester
  • Specify basic protocols for organising file storage so the projects can make their data automatically discoverable
  • Reporting:
    • Per-project reporting on data size and file profiles (e.g. file types)
    • Determine data not associated with a ReDBox entry
  • Release tracking:
    • Provide a stable workflow for releasing and versioning data
  • Questions:
    • Can this link into RDSI? Can this system help identify RDSI candidates?