Feature planning

ReDBox and Mint are open source systems, relying on a community model for development. Formal projects may provide feature development (see Project governance) but development work may happen through a number of efforts.

The feature planning section seeks to highlight development work that is being discussed. The goal is to be open about new feature requirements/specifications and to garner support where possible. You are encouraged to nominate features of interest and work with the community to determine how development may occur.

The table below lists the current features under discussion and the nominated lead groups undertaking development.


FeatureLead Status
Data storage request integration QCIFUnderway as part of the RDSI request system.

Not planned

FeatureLead Status
Discovery layer integration


FeatureLead StatusReDBox Version
LDAP Plugin QCIFCompletedPlugin available in Maven CentralPlugin (tested in 1.5)
NLA Integration
University of NewcastleCompleted1.5
CAS AuthenticationUniversity of AdelaidePlugin available on Github. Has not yet been included as part of the core plugins 
AAF AuthenticationJames Cook UniversityPlugin available on Github. Has not yet been included as part of the core plugins    
 Record cloning QCIFCompleted - see Cloning records 1.6
 Record versioning QCIF Completed - a basic versioning transformer has been developed.  (plugin) 1.6
 Embargo University of Newcastle Form fields have been added to record an embargo but no automation around embargoes was added as users felt it wasn't needed at this point. 1.6
 Reporting and statistics University of Newcastle  Completed. See Configure Reporting 1.6
 Data Management Planning Tool
Researcher self-submission interface
 Flinders University Completed. See Setup a new workflow 1.6.1 
 Metadata imports QCIF Completed. See Loading data into ReDBox via Alerts 1.6

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