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Technical FAQ

Q: I found a security problem! What should I do?

Security issues are taken seriously and we need to know about them. We have a Responsible disclosure policy to make sure security is dealt with in an organised fashion.

Q: What are institutional builds?

Institutional Builds provide a mechanism for your organisation to setup a ReDBox/Mint distribution that is tailored to your needs. Once you've downloaded and tested the "generic" ReDBox and Mint distributions you may want to add and/or develop features. Institutional Builds use the Apache Maven to add in extra features and tweak your system as needed. 

Details for creating a technical build can be found in Create your own Institutional Build. We have some institutional build samples that you could use as a starting point.

Q: Do I have to create an institutional build?

It's not mandatory by any means - a lot of things can be achieved through the system configuration and branding. We'd recommend using an institutional build though - it makes upgrading a lot easier.