We're starting to build up an FAQ to help ReDBox users get quick answers to their questions. If you'd like a question answered here, please let us know through the ReDBox Group.

Q: What other FAQs have been requested?

We're working to get our FAQs into a comprehensive knowledge base. It takes time and here's what we've been asked for:
  • What happens in ReDBox and RIF-Cs when you have a non-affiliation researcher with no local Mint record and no NLA Identifier?

Q: What features are being planned?

Two resources will help you with this one:

Q: What support options are available?

We're putting all of these details on our Support page

Q: How do I integrate redbox into my organisation?

This is a very tricky question as you're likely to need to do things:
  1. Setup policy and procedures around research data management
  2. Install and configure ReDBox and Mint to meet these organisational constructs
We can't really help you here with the first one - it's an area requiring a lot of thought and discussion. A great place to start is the Australian National Data Service and the ReDBox at Newcastle sites as well as our mailing list.

In terms of the second item, there's a lot of documentation to browse on this site and a demo server at http://demo.redboxresearchdata.com.au for you to test the system out. We've worked to provide a number of options for getting a System OverviewInstalling the Current Versionloading data into ReDBox and Mint, and Branding - it's all in our Documentation

Q: What skills do I need on a redbox implementation project?

It all depends how far you want to go! 
  • If you just want to give the system a whirl, take a look at Installing a Demonstration Server it's not overly technical and might make for a fun afternoon! 
  • A systems administrator should be install and configure ReDBox and Mint quite easily if you mainly want existing plug-ins etc
  • A developer is likely to be needed if you want to create new features. The skill level needed here will depend on what needs to be done:
    • Working on the web interface: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Jython (Python)
    • Customising integration systems: Python, XML
    • Developing new plug-ins: Java, Apache Solr, Apache Maven
If you are looking to get some feature development underway, why not contact the developer's list with your plans and see what they suggest?

More FAQs

This page features general ReDBox items - more specific FAQs can be found in sub-pages: