VTLS Vital

ReDBox has been developed to support institutions running the VTLS Vital software. This allows research data descriptions to be posted to your Vital repository, allowing you to make research data another resource in your institutional repository.

ReDBox-Mint-Vital Architecture

Figure 4: ReDBox and Mint with Vital Integration
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In a ReDBox-Vital installation you describe your research data within the ReDBox user interface and workflows. When the record is published, ReDBox interacts with Vital to not only have Vital make the metadata available in its user interface and OAI-PMH system but ReDBox also gathers the Handle details to ensure it has a complete publication record.

This model has been the basis of an ANDS funded project that brought about the ReDBox system and the original pilot was hosted by the University of Newcastle.

For more information please refer to VITAL Integration