System Layout

When you look at the base of your Mint and ReDBox installations you will see the following directories:
  • home
  • portal
  • server
  • solr
  • storage
The sections below provide an overview of the contents of each directory.


The home directory contains a range of files that will be very handy for anyone configuring and supporting the system. Importantly, system-config.json contains the main configuration for the ReDBox and Mint systems. The details of this file are covered in Configuration Files.

For trouble-shooting, the logs folder contains a range of logs to assist you in tracking system state:

  • stdout.out is created at system startup and logs startup progress
  • main.log is the primary log for the system
  • houseKeeping.log tracks the system's internal house-keeping sub-system
  • harvest.out is created when you start a harvest
  • BrokerMonitor.log tracks the message queues used by the system

The logs/jetty and logs/solr directories contain the logs for the Jetty server and Apache Solr systems respectively.

The data directory contains data files that can be uploaded (ingested) by the system. For Mint, this is a set of source files for known vocabularies or entities.

The database-service directory contains Apache Derby database files used internally by the system.

The harvest directory provides harvest configuration files and their associated rules files. For details about harvests, refer to Loading data

The templates directory provides a set of metadata templates that are used to transform data within the system to various metadata formats such as Dublin Core and RIF-CS. For details of how to edit these files, please see Metadata Templates.

A variety of other directories may exist under home, depending on what plug-ins you have configured.


The portal directory contains the files that define the system's look and feel. The Branding section describes how to edit the portal files to change your system's appearance.


The scripts for starting and stopping the system as well as ingesting new data are located in the server directory. Two sets of files are provided to meet the needs of Windows and Unix/Linux users:
  • Windows scripts:
    • tf_env.bat
    • tf_start.bat
    • tf_harvest.bat
  • Unix/Linux scripts:

The tf_env.*, tf_start.bat and scripts are described in Control Scripts. The tf_harvest scripts are described in Loading data

There's also a set of sub-directories in the server directory. In general, most people won't need to change these at all unless they're doing development work.
  • jetty: this contains the Jetty server that runs the ReDBox and Mint systems
  • lib: is the collection of Java libraries used by the system
  • plugins: are Java libraries used by the system
  • webapps: are the web application archives


Both ReDBox and Mint utilises the Apache Solr search platform. This directory contains the Solr configuration and various Solr indexes. Unless you are looking to actively develop the Mint or ReDBox systems you are unlikely to change the contents of the solr directory.


If you are using the file-system storage plugin, the storage directory is the system's internal storage (you could call it a database). You are able to browse the various sub-directories but you shouldn't modify or delete any of the files in these directories.