Loading People Data

CSV Upload Fields

Mint can harvest a CSV file containing people information. The fields expected in the CSV file are listed below

 Mandatory  Field name Description NoteExamples  Mint Field
 * ID The institution's ID - likely to be a staff, student or researcher ID   00007429 foaf:Person.dc.identifier
 * Given_Name The first given name   Michael foaf:Person.foaf:givenName
 Other_NamesAny intermediary (middle) names  Alfredfoaf:Person.vivo:middleName
  Family_Name Often referred to as surname   Jones foaf:Person.foaf:familyName
  Pref_Name The preferred name, usually a single name   Mick foaf:Person.foaf:nick
 HonorificA name prefix Mrs, Dr, Proffoaf:Person.foaf:honorificPrefix
  Email The person's email address  [email protected] foaf:Person.foaf:mbox
  Job_Title The primary job title for the person  Facility Director foaf:Person.vivo:hasRole
  GroupID_1 Links to Party (Group) records See Loading Group Data

 GroupID_3   foaf:Person.vivo:currentMemberOf.2
  ANZSRC_FOR_1   The 2, 4 or 6 digit Field of Research code as designated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics under ANZSRC (2008) The harvest script will convert this to the associated PURL04, 0101, 070201 foaf:Person.foaf:topic_interest.dc:subject.anzsrc:for.0.rdf:resource
  ANZSRC_FOR_2      foaf:Person.foaf:topic_interest.dc:subject.anzsrc:for.1.rdf:resource
  ANZSRC_FOR_3      foaf:Person.foaf:topic_interest.dc:subject.anzsrc:for.2.rdf:resource
 URI    This is a URI rather than a staff IDThis may be used to hold a Handle-based URIhttp://staff.edu.au/5474365foaf:Person.rdf:about (if a URI is provided)
  NLA_Party_Identifier  A National Library of Australia party identifier http://nla.gov.au/nla.party-461793 foaf:Person.foaf:OnlineAccount.redbox:NLAPartyIdentifier
  ResearcherID  A Thomson Reuters ID created using the http://www.researchid.com service  http://www.researcherid.com/rid/F-3500-2011 foaf:Person.foaf:OnlineAccount.redbox:researcherID
 openID A valid Open ID - see http://openid.net mike.myopenid.comfoaf:Person.foaf:openid
 Personal_URI A URI nominated by the staff memberThis is an identifier entry. Please use Personal_Homepage for websites.http://me.example.com/foaf:Person.redbox:personalURI
 Personal_Homepage The researcher's personal website
http://www.me.example.com/ foaf:Person.foaf:homepage
 Staff_Profile_HomepageThe researcher's webpage within the institutional web presence  http://staffprofiles.edu.au/mjonesfoaf:Person.foaf:workInfoHomePage
  Description A brief bio or overview of the researcher Newlines aren't really supported here.Mike has been investigating the effects of loud noises.foaf:Person.dc:description