Loading Group Data

CSV Upload Fields

Mint can harvest a CSV file containing group information. The fields expected in the CSV file are listed below

 Mandatory Field nameDescriptionNoteExamples Mint Field
 *IDAn identifier for the group FoSfoaf:Group.dc.identifier
 *NameThe name of the group Faculty of Sciencefoaf:Group.foaf:name
 EmailA contact email address for the group [email protected]foaf:Group.foaf:mbox
 PhoneA phone number for contacting the group  07 3456 7654foaf:Group.foaf.phone
 Parent_Group_ID Link to the parent groupUoAfoaf:Group.vivo:subOrganizationWithin
 URI    This is a URI for the groupThis may be used to hold a Handle-based URIhttp://uni.edu.au/fosfoaf:Group.rdf:about
 NLA_Party_IdentifierA National Library of Australia party identifierhttp://nla.gov.au/nla.party-461793foaf:Group.foaf:OnlineAccount.redbox:NLAPartyIdentifier
 HomepageThe group's website
 DescriptionA brief description of the groupNewlines aren't really supported here.