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Scheduling a harvest


This document is in DRAFT.


This how-to shows you how to setup housekeeping to run a harvest on a scheduled basis. 

This How-to was submitted by Jay van Schyndel (JCU) - thanks Jay!

Background reading

Key files and folders

  • redbox/home/system-config.json
  • redbox/home/harvest


1. Step 1

Edit your system-config.json file and add the following (:

        "houseKeeping": {
            "config": {
                "quartzConfig": "${fascinator.home}/",
                "desktop": true,
                "frequency": "3600",
                "jobs": [
                        "name": "harvestEdgar",
                        "type": "harvest",
                        "configFile": "${fascinator.home}/harvest/directoryNames-Edgar.json",
                        "timing": "0 0 6 * * ?"

                        "name": "alerts-poll",
                        "type": "external",
                        "url": "http://localhost:${jetty.port}/redbox/default/hkjobs/alerts.script",
                        "timing": "0 0/15 * * * ?"

Edit the italicised values as appropriate:

  • name: can be whatever you deem appropriate
  • type:  must be 'harvest' as we are setting up a harvest job
  • configFile: this is the same .json file that exists in your redbox/home/harvest directory used for a manual harvest
  • timing: This is where you set your frequency. In the example above the job is set to run at 6:00 am daily. Refer to 'Background reading' for a link explaining how to set this up.

2. Step 2

  1. If ReDBox is running, stop it.
  2. Start up ReDBox.


  • In redbox/home/logs/houseKeeping.log you will find details of when you harvest is executed by house keeping.