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Edit the ReDBox forms


This document is in DRAFT.


Background reading

The topic of editing the forms and workflows can be as simple or complex as your design goals. If you're looking to add one or two basic fields, this How-to should be enough. If you want to really get stuck into the forms and the workflow, the follow materials will help you:

Key files and folders

  • home/harvest/workflows/

  • portal/default/redbox/home/
  • portal/default/redbox/workflows/forms/
    • dataset.vm - provides the parent template for the ReDBox forms
    • submission.vm - provides the template for the "Notify us about a dataset" form
    • data/ - provides lookups for items such as licences used in the form fields.
    • sections/ - provides the templates 


Before you start this procedure, please make sure .

1. Add a basic field to the ReDBox forms

2. Make the basic field a little less basic


Finishing up