The Developer Installation Guide is a good place to start for those wishing to customise/enhance ReDBox or Mint.

Dev Mailing List

Our developer (technical) mailing list is a great first stop to see if others are sharing your issues:


The ReDBox codebase is managed via GitHub. Two organisations are used to manage the code:
Additionally, The Fascinator (the underlying platform) has code available at:
If you haven't used Git before, check out Pro Git for a handy reference.

Old codebase

We had previously (prior to Sept 2012) managed the code in GoogleCode:
The various issues and documentation are being migrated throughout Sept & Oct 2012.


ReDBox and Mint utilise Apache Maven for build management. It's a very comprehensive system - if you've never been involved with Maven, it's best to check out Maven: The Complete Reference hosted by Sonatype.

Development server

The development server ( hosts a number of development-related systems, including a maven repository and continuous integration (CI) server. The CI jobs also generally produce JavaDoc - this can be handy.

The Fascinator

As ReDBox and Mint are based on The Fascinator platform, it's worth heading over to that site for further technical documentation: